Liverpool’s preseason friendlies

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Liverpool is a team that I try to follow closely because of many things – I want to see how will they play under the amangement of Dalglish after he had a summer full of transfers and whether they will or not compete with the giants in the PRemier League.Not that Pool is a small team, but United, Chelsea and City made many high quality transfers and I wonder how will the merseyside team going to do…

Caroll managed to score only 2 goals in the preseason friendlies

The first game that Liverpool played was against Guangdong in China as Gerrard and Suarez weren’t in the group.The Reds dominated throughout the game as they leaded 4-1 until the last minute when the chinese team scored two goals in the extra time.The game ended 4-3 as the new signing Charlie Adam made his debut but couldn’t do something special.That was until the next game against Malaysia XI when Adam scored from a penalty kick in a game with mixed performances from Pool.There were many mistakes in defence and  that resulted in many scoring chances for the malaysians.Ngog and Maxi Rodriguez scored braces to bring the Reds to the win while each Kuyt and Adam added one goal.

The ex-Liverpool player Baros celebrates after scoring vs the Reds

The next part of the preseason for Liverpool went horribly as on their visit to Turk Telekom Arena the merseyside team were humiliated with 3-0 as Milan baros scored 2 to beat his old team with Elmander almost raping the goalkeeper with a long range effort to make it 3-0.It’s true that Dalglish let the stars on the bench but players like Doni, Kelly, Caroll and Joe Cole also took part in the game and I don’t understand this result.Bad game, that they have to analyse and keep in mind.And I forgot to mention that before playing with Galatasaray they losed from hull City too with the same result: 3-0.They surely have to clear things out and even though they used mainly back up players these result aren’t pretty.

Valerenga players after scoring in Reina's net

Hours ago the Merseyside team played their last friendly/actually the last one is against Valencia on August 6th/ versus the 11th in Norwegian league Valerenga.This time king Kenny decided to use the optimal squad for the game as it included Reina, Agger, Carragher, Glen Johnson, Kuyt and Carroll and the new signings Adam, Downing and Henderson.It was surprising that the scandinavian players lead until the 84 minute when Daniel Agger scored 2 goals in 5 minutes to put The Reds in front.And again Liverpool conceded a late goal by Fellah and that’s how it ended: 3-3.Of course it’s not so much important game but I don’t think that Liverpool’s mentality ahs changed at all.The new signings are awesome but dalglish’s men concede more than they have to and altough they can stop any team in England my opinion is that they have to work a lot unless they want to lose from Fulham, Bolton and etc./If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, Pool can beat Chelsea and United with ease but may have struggle with the mid-table teams/


Hottest transfer targets

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Its 1st of August now and there are only 30 days until the end of the transfer window.Some clubs have finished their transfer jobs, others still try to lure players with money and promises for trophies…

The Bad Boy look like he is trying to find way out

Mario Balotelli has always been controversial player and everyone knows it.In Mourinho’s first season at Inter Super Mario was accused of not training properly in trainings and was left out of the match squads in January 2009.The next year, when Inter won a treble, Mario’s bad behaviour reached its peek as he publicly said that Mourinho wasn’t responsible for the good results, the players were.That result in portuguese coach leaving Balotelli out of the team.And to top that he weared a shirt of rivals Milan in the Striscia la Notizia TV show and said that he was a fan of them.After all this he was transferred to Man City where he continued with all his actions as he had a traffic accidents, also has hunderds of trafic bills to pay and still doesn’t take football seriously.A few days ago against LA Galaxy when he was in clear scoring position he tried to score with a backheel shot but failed.That result in Mancini substituting him subsequently and resulting in a new scandal between them.Now there are rumours he may move to Milan as he said in interview that he can talk about this deal…but this won’t happen unless one of the Milan strikers move out and most close to that is Antonio Cassano.Milan manager Allegri said that he is 4th choice and Antonio may not be happy with this, resulting in his transfer and the signing of Super Mario…And don’t forget that Mario’s Agent is Mino Raiola who brought his clients Ibrahimvoci and van Bommel to Milan and helped in the deals of Robinho and Emanuelson.We’ll see what wil happen.

Sneijder's future is still not declared

The world class playmaker is looking like he waits a transfer in Manchester United…There are rumours for this deal from months but the problem may be the prise of the dutchman as the devils paid a lot of money for the transfers of David de Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young.Sneijder himself declared that a summer move can happen and that there is a chance to play in United next season.But sir Alex Ferguson made it clear that the summer transfers have finished and there will be no more…Contrast to this is the statement of Man Utd CEO David Gill “But you never know – there’s often movement in August. I’m not sitting here saying I’m working on anything because I’m not, but that situation could change quickly when we get back to Carrington”.There is still plenty of time and personally I think that United will complete this deal until the 31th of August as they did with Berbatov in 2008 hours before the end of the transfer window.

Real is on the chase for Neymar but the youngster looks like he doesn't care

Neymar is the star of Santos nowadays and there are many reasons he MUSTN’T go to Real.It may sound stupid but i think he is similar to Robinho/he is an ex-Santos player too and their playing style are similar/ and a transfer to Real Madrid at this age will be very bad choice.But my opinion is not important and Neymar doesn’t look so enthuasiastic about his transfer to Santiago Bernabeu…He declared to the press after winning Copa Libertadores that he wants to win World Clup Cup. where he will face Barcelona and Messi eventually.But Real Madrid still hasn’t give up on this transfer as they are ready to meet his release clause but Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro denies every posiibility of Neymar’s transfer before the Club World Cup.But everyone knows that when Florentino perez wants a player, there isn’t anything to stop him…

The reborn Paris Saint-Germain

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In May 2011 Qatar Investment Authority bought almost 2/3 of PSG’s shares, becoming the main shareholder of the team.This group currently controls the air and gas supplies of Qatar and the chairman is sheikh Hamad bin Jassim…It sounds similar to something, doesn’t it?Yeah, it reminds me of sheikh Mansour who is the owner of Man City.Now PSG tries to follow City’s steps as it tries to land superstar players in the club.

Do you think the PSG fans are unhappy because of the last events? I don't think so.

But there are differences between PSG and City and one of them is that the french club actually had history (lol) They have won their National Cup 8 times, last one in 2010 and the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup in 1996.It may not be so much along with the 2 league titles, but it’s better than nothing.

When we look at the team before the big changes this summer, the Paris team actually had very decent squad.They have Alphonse Areola who is a young and talented goal keeper and they also got one of the most promising french defenders Mamadou Sakho/the captain of the team btw/, already wanted by teams like Arsenal and Milan.In attack the turkish Mevlut Erdinc and french Guillame Horau are a superb duo for the Ligue 1 standards.And the most important thing – they have a good academy which produces future world class players.

Javier Pastore is set to be the player to lead PSG to glory

And now after the purchasal of the club PSG is very active on the transfer market as it acquired the signatures of Jeremy Menez, Mohamed Sissoko and Kevin Gameiro.When we look at them Menez comes from Roma where he had hard tie settling to italian fotball but his stay there wasn’t so bad and showed his potential in some games and I personally like his playing style.Sissoko had the bad chance to be in one of the worst Juventus squads ever.Even though he started well in Ranieri’s 4-4-2 injuries ruined his form and as the team started to fall apart Sissoko couldn’t do anything.He is a Gattuso style midfielder, hard working and tough tackling 😀  Gameiro is a player that I don’t know very well and haven’t got the chance to watch him in his past team Lorient but when i look at the statistics he has scored around 50 goals for 3 years which is remarkable.Well he doesn’t have the scoring ratio of Benzema in Lyon but it’s pretty good too.And I’m sure that if he is given chance he will prove himself worthy to PSG.

But all of these players are bought for cheap and actually a big name in midfield missed..Until the french club decided to make an 43 million euro offer to Palermo for the right of Javier Pastore.Maurizio Zamparini is a chairman who loves to squeeze as much as money he can from potential buyers of his players and it’s the same with Pastore too.Chelsea had interest in the argentinian too but after the money spent on Torres, Abramovich may have decided to not make mad transfers anymore.But the new owners of PSG actually made a wonderful decision even though they will pay tons of money to Palermo because Pastore is just the type of player they need…Young and talanted, creative, someone who can lead the club to domination in France and something big in the continental cups.

What’s the future for Fabregas?

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These days  Every summer Arsenal fans are tortured by one transfer rumour – whether or not Fabregas will complete his transfer to Barcelona, the club of his heart…And usually everyone gets sick of this stories of the “100% sure transfer of Fabregas to Catalonia”, “Arsenal and Barcelona have reached an agreement for Cesc” and “Wenger has let Fabregas negotiate with Los Cules”.

Cesc celebrates his goal for Barcelona...wait, this is Photoshop 😀

Every year the Arsenal player with #4 on his back leaves and returns to Arsenal a few times in the summer transfer window.But why does he want to leave?Let’s see and think about it….

  • He spent 6 years at Barceloan’s youth formations and it’s not secret that he’s a fan of Barca from a child.As he trained at La Masia he made friendships with now star players Gerard Pique and Leo Messi and if he transfers to Barca he will be able to play with them.
  • He started his carrer as a defensive midfielder because of his idol Josep Guardiola…See?The manager of Barcelona!Altough with the likes of Busquets, Keita, Mascherano, Iniesta and Xavi Barcelona doesn’t need another central midfielder, Guardiola still hasn’t denied the possibility of signing Cesc this summer and this is one thing I don’t understand – they paid a lot of money for Sanchez while they sell Bojan to Roma, they have perfect midfield and they still want to get Cesc ppfff.This is because Guardiola still can’t make the right transfer desicions and will keep make mistakes like Ibrahimovic, Chygrinskyi and Caceres.
  • Altough this summer Arsenal is doing very good on the transfer market with the signings of Juan Manuel Mata/not official but almost complete deal/ and Gervinho, along with the potential world class players like Ramsey and Wilshire they don’t have chance for trophies…This may sound a little drastic but Wenger can’t win the Premier League and his team is far away from chasing the Champions League trophy.They have a serious trouble in defense with the unreliable goalkeepers Almunia and Fabianski.The defense is a weak part also as Vermaelen stays too much time injured and there’s no substitute for him.Midfield is good but again in attack van Persie isn’t the striker who can lead the Gunners to glory, neither is Chamakh.And with the likes of City, United and Chelsea Arsenal doesn’t stand a chance.
I wonder what’s gonna happen in the next month – will Fabregas break the chains of captivity and sign with the Catalan team or he will stay for another trophieless season in London?

But there is always a third choice *evil laugh*

There are many rumors in the italian press saying that the next week is very important for the Fabregas ==> Barcelona negotiations and if they fell apart Milan’s vice president Adriano Galliani will try to tempt Arsenal with a bid for Cesc…Actually, I don’t think it will hapen but mr.Berlusconi promised a star will coast in Milan this summer and I wouldn’t be disappointed if it’s Fabregas 🙂

Class is permanent

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You are thinking why I’m quoting my blog’s title, aren’t you?If you have watched last night’s game between Santos and Flamengo you definitely know why…

Pure magic

Its 26th minute of the game and Real Madrid target Neymar has just scored an amazing goal against Ronaldinho’s Flamengo and the result is 3-0.After a double pass Neymar had dribbled around a defender and beaten the keeper.No one would thought of what will happen next.Just 3 minutes later Dinho made it 3-1 after the keeper couldn’t catch the ball and 3 minutes later it was 3-2 as A.T. Neves scored with a header.

Even though i don't like him Neymar also had a great game

Just before the half time whistle the ex-Barcelona player crossed the ball from corner and the schocking comeback was a fact – 3-3!!!Neymar again tooked the responsibility and scored after a well placed through pass with a placed shot.And then Ronaldinho just showed his magic – after dribbling in front of the penalty box he was fouled and calmly he take the free kick….OMG, I just laughed after that because the keeper couldn’t even move an inch.That’s why he is one of the best free kick takers in the world!

9 minutes before the last whistle Flamengo is atacking and its 3 on 2 players.The one with the ball tricks the defender to get to him as Ronaldinho stays alone in the left and gets the pass..controlls the ball with one touch and then just makes the finisher : 4-5 for Flamengo!

The video shows it all!!!

Why does everyone goes to City?

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Aguero will be the next victim

I just don’t understand this shit…Is money so important for footballer nowadays?Why does some of the most talented players go to City and ruin their career?

The first superstar

The brazilian Robinho was actually the first world class player who transfered to City after the club was bought by Abu Dhabi United Group.Here at least he gots motive – Real tried to use him as an exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008, later he rejected a new contract and signed with The Citizens.And he’s a brazilian – something that is never associated with loyalty in football as they change their clubs often.

I can understand Robinho, but why the hell did Tevez moved to City?He was playing in Man Utd with players like Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo and he just played at the Champions League final against Barcelona in 2009…United offered him a high salary contract that he rejected and later signed for City.Why?Because of their great history and club atmosphere?Hell no!!!Like the brazilians, the argentinian players are mainly selfish and greedy/there are exceptions like Javier Zanetti too but not much/, so is Tevez and he transfered to his ex-team’s rival.I also don’t understand why players like Kolo Toure and Adebayor left Arsenal to sign with City, why talanted young players like David Silva and Edin Dzeko are in this team instead of Real Madrid or Milan for example..Because in the end there is no future for them, Mancini is not a bad coach but doesn’t have the mentality to cope with these ego bursting stars as Balotelli shows it every week.

The picture says everything

And now Sergio Aguero, a player that I like very much signs with City for the mind blowing 45 million euros.He has played 5 season in Atletico Madrid – the club that made him a star and where he won the UEFA CUP/sorry but Europa League sounds stupid for me and I don’t use this phrase/.And that is when a club like Juventus was interested in him and maybe could offer 10 million less than Manchester but there he would have a chance to prospect.And don’t think that I hate City ==> as a fan of Milan I don’t like the transfers of degraded players like Ibrahimovic and Robinho who can ruin up the atmosphere in the team.They are just media stars/which are bought to sell seasonal tickets and jerseys/ and high percent of these stars ruin their carrer after a transfer like this.I miss the old days when they were more players like Giggs, Maldini, Del Piero, Puyol and the money didn’t mean anything…

Milan – Bayern

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Last night I watched the game between Milan and Bayern Munich for the Audi Cup and as a Milan fan I was disappointed.Even though it is just a friendly cup the whole team played bad with a few exceptions.

Abbiati saved the team from misery

In defense Abbiati had a great game and altough his bad penalty saving the team wouldn’t even go to penalties if someone else was at the post.Fact is that Bayern is more advanced in their pre-season friendlies as this was their 5th friendly match and Milan’s 2nd.Robinho, Pato and Thiago Silva also arrived late and didn’t train with the team because of Copa America…But the defence and midfield were playing like youngsters.I mean Taiwo had trouble against Robben but the others were actually worse.Neither Nesta or Bonera played well, but at least Daniele made the assist to Ibra who scored a good goal and I hope he WILL start to score in important games against big clubs.

Bad game Kevin, bad game

But actually the midfield ruined the game by letting Bayern take control on the game and do what they want.Emanuelson tried to run but beither he, Gattuso or Boateng made an impact.Kevin loosed every ball he get which can’t not worry me.I wasn’t expecting much from van Bommel against his former team but in my opinion he could have scored that penalty instead of Paloschi if he was choosen by Allegri.In attack Cassano showed that he must play behind the 2 strikers because he can’t play in duo with Ibra.

Penalties...OMG, since 2005 I have a fear of penalties

I can’t tell anything on the penalties because the team has a tendency of losing at them, I remember last year’s matches in the TIM Cup, but actually if Abbiati has performances like last night’s in the future and Mr.X blends into the team I don’t think that we’ll need to rely on penalty shootouts.Allegri made a bad decision after all by letting Paloschi to shoot and he may feel guilty but I think of Alberto as Inzaghi’s sucessor so I think he has the right mentality to cope with this and he will start to score soon/why not against Inter for the Super Cup 🙂 /

The game was bad for the team but the one 2 years ago in the 2009 Audi cup wasn’t amazing either.It’s only the second friendly and even if the team loses today against Internacional I wouldn’t care at all.But to compete with the other giants in the european football we need a playmaker and there are many transfer rumours – Pastore, Hamsik, Ganso and even Fabregas but the truth will be seen on 31st of August.Until then the team has no chance in the Champions League…