Class is permanent

You are thinking why I’m quoting my blog’s title, aren’t you?If you have watched last night’s game between Santos and Flamengo you definitely know why…

Pure magic

Its 26th minute of the game and Real Madrid target Neymar has just scored an amazing goal against Ronaldinho’s Flamengo and the result is 3-0.After a double pass Neymar had dribbled around a defender and beaten the keeper.No one would thought of what will happen next.Just 3 minutes later Dinho made it 3-1 after the keeper couldn’t catch the ball and 3 minutes later it was 3-2 as A.T. Neves scored with a header.

Even though i don't like him Neymar also had a great game

Just before the half time whistle the ex-Barcelona player crossed the ball from corner and the schocking comeback was a fact – 3-3!!!Neymar again tooked the responsibility and scored after a well placed through pass with a placed shot.And then Ronaldinho just showed his magic – after dribbling in front of the penalty box he was fouled and calmly he take the free kick….OMG, I just laughed after that because the keeper couldn’t even move an inch.That’s why he is one of the best free kick takers in the world!

9 minutes before the last whistle Flamengo is atacking and its 3 on 2 players.The one with the ball tricks the defender to get to him as Ronaldinho stays alone in the left and gets the pass..controlls the ball with one touch and then just makes the finisher : 4-5 for Flamengo!

The video shows it all!!!


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