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When will the Bianconeri revive?

Posted in Analysis with tags , , , , on July 26, 2011 by burningball

Alex doesn't deserve it

Season after season Juventus tries to get back into European football, but it looks like the team is more and more going down.These days it is hard to be their fan I’m sure.It’s hard to adapt to the reality nowadays as the supporters remember the club’s epic history.10 years ago Juventus was one of the biggest clubs in Europe along with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munchen.But this was a long time ago.Now the things are completely different.Everything started with Calcipoli.It started with a ticket to Serie B and 2 titles that were taken back one of which was given to rivals Inter.

But that was 5 years ago, wasn’t it?Why the bianconeri aren’t competing in the Champions League?Why the team didn’t even had a victory in Europa League this season winning 6 points from 6 draws?Every supporter asks himself this and wonders what is the future planning for the club.The 27 times Serie A champions didn’t even go through to the next phase in Europa League and won’t take part in any of the European competitions in the next season after finishing 9th in Serie A.And this is tragic when we flashback to the years when everyone feared to face the bianconeri – when Juventus under the management of Marcello Lippi went through to 4 european finals(in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2003 winning the 1996 one and losing the other three finals).

Conte is the new hope for the Lady

It is sure the Italian club is finding trouble in choosing the right manager for the team – Ranieri, Ferrara, Zaccheroni and most recently Delneri failed to get Juventus back to the’s interesting what will Antonio Conte gonna do next season.Many of the Juventus fans are wondering whether the story of Ciro Ferrara wil be repeated.But there is a difference between them – Ferrara didn’t have any coaching experience but Conte managed a few low profile teams – Arezzo, Bari, Atalanta and Siena.And he knows what Juve means and is full with enthusiasm but we will see what he’s going to do.

Pirlo will definitely add a class to the team

The transfers must be taken seriously in the future also.Andrea Pirlo is a fantastic addition to the squad but this isn’t enough.It’s interesting that the Old Lady has spent €220 million after Calciopolli for new players.But the trophies which they won are still zero.For the same period but before the scandal in 2006 Juve had spent €330 million(178 of which in 2001/2002 season) and the result was 4 Calcio titles(2 of which were taken back after Calciopoli), 2 Italian Super Cups, 1 lost final in Champions League and 2 lost finals in Coppa Italia.This numbers show that in the 2006-2011 period Juventus’ actions in the transfer market were actually extremely unsuccessful.

 Also the player from the era before Calcipoli have a somewhat legendary status for the bianconeri – Gianluigi Buffon, Pavel Nedved, Lilian Thuram, Fabio Cannavaro, Alex del Piero.The difference with their successors is astonishing.

Juve's new home

But it looks like there is some kind of light in the end of the tunnel – the new bianconeri stadium which still hasn’t got official name.It will have a seating capacity of 41 000 people so that more fans can support the black-white players in their future matches.

In general, it is sure that when Juventus gets back to the top the whole Italian football will prospect because a strong Juventus team is equal to a strong Azzuri squad and there are facts that prove that.The World Cups in Spain(1982) and in Germany(2006) show that very clearly.