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Why does everyone goes to City?

Posted in Transfers with tags , , , , on July 28, 2011 by burningball

Aguero will be the next victim

I just don’t understand this shit…Is money so important for footballer nowadays?Why does some of the most talented players go to City and ruin their career?

The first superstar

The brazilian Robinho was actually the first world class player who transfered to City after the club was bought by Abu Dhabi United Group.Here at least he gots motive – Real tried to use him as an exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008, later he rejected a new contract and signed with The Citizens.And he’s a brazilian – something that is never associated with loyalty in football as they change their clubs often.

I can understand Robinho, but why the hell did Tevez moved to City?He was playing in Man Utd with players like Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo and he just played at the Champions League final against Barcelona in 2009…United offered him a high salary contract that he rejected and later signed for City.Why?Because of their great history and club atmosphere?Hell no!!!Like the brazilians, the argentinian players are mainly selfish and greedy/there are exceptions like Javier Zanetti too but not much/, so is Tevez and he transfered to his ex-team’s rival.I also don’t understand why players like Kolo Toure and Adebayor left Arsenal to sign with City, why talanted young players like David Silva and Edin Dzeko are in this team instead of Real Madrid or Milan for example..Because in the end there is no future for them, Mancini is not a bad coach but doesn’t have the mentality to cope with these ego bursting stars as Balotelli shows it every week.

The picture says everything

And now Sergio Aguero, a player that I like very much signs with City for the mind blowing 45 million euros.He has played 5 season in Atletico Madrid – the club that made him a star and where he won the UEFA CUP/sorry but Europa League sounds stupid for me and I don’t use this phrase/.And that is when a club like Juventus was interested in him and maybe could offer 10 million less than Manchester but there he would have a chance to prospect.And don’t think that I hate City ==> as a fan of Milan I don’t like the transfers of degraded players like Ibrahimovic and Robinho who can ruin up the atmosphere in the team.They are just media stars/which are bought to sell seasonal tickets and jerseys/ and high percent of these stars ruin their carrer after a transfer like this.I miss the old days when they were more players like Giggs, Maldini, Del Piero, Puyol and the money didn’t mean anything…